The Nelson Society

Daily bulletins on the excavation that I am taking part in on Nelson’s Island, Aboukir Bay, Egypt. Aboukir Bay is the site of the Battle of the Nile (1798) when Nelson defeated the French fleet and the landing of the 1801 British Egyptian Expedition that, after a six month campaign, defeated the French army in Egypt (many British army regiments still carry the Egyptian sphinx on their badges to commemorate their part in the campaign).

In 2000 Dr. Paolo Gallo a professor of archaeology at the University of Torino and Director of the Italian Archaeological Institute at Aboukir, Egypt (Missione Archalogica Italiana ad Aboukir: MAIA) contacted The Nelson Society with news that that during excavations of Hellenistic structures on Nelson’s Island he had discovered some artefacts, graffiti and burials that he believed related to the British occupation of the island from shortly after the Battle of the Nile in August 1798 to Keith’s and Abercrombie’s landings in March 1801. The Nelson Society decided to assist Paolo’s expedition for three seasons in the rescue and eventual reburial of those burials under threat from erosion and illegal excavation. As a naval historian and Near Eastern archaeologist I was asked to assist Paolo.

This is the third, and for The Nelson Society, the last season of excavation on Nelson’s Island.